White 45L Rectangle Iris Sensor Bin

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Product Overview

The absolute epitome of stylish innovation that can make your life simpler and look good at the same time, these stunning Dihl Iris Rectangle Sensor Bins are perfect for an elegant and yet busy household kitchen. Saving you loads of hassle and providing a really hygienic kitchen solution, the sleek rectangular bin itself is composed of steel with a chrome-plated finish in black. The lid is lightweight, made from plastic with a chrome plated finish.

Taking the original idea of the pedal bin into the 21st century, these bins feature an infrared sensor which recognises your approach and opens the lid automatically, allowing you to use the bin without having to touch the lid. Battery powered (see specifications for more details), you can also activate the lid via 'Open' and 'Close' buttons as well as turn the unit off entirely at the back if required.

Dihl bins are supplied with an internal retaining collar that keeps the bag secure and tidy, invisible externally. Just feed the bag up through the collar, fold over, then slot in place.

Please note: these are UK specification bins and as such are not provided with inner buckets, nor do they require them when used with standard bin bags. All appliances meet the new RoHS standards.

Model SB-RT23-ONYX
Bin width excluding lid 337mm
Bin depth excluding lid 250mm
Bin height excluding lid 600mm
Total width 340mm
Total height 663mm
Total height with lid open 850mm
Bin capacity 45L
Lid Assembly Material Plastic with a chrome finish
Bin Finish Chrome
Bin Material Stainless steel
Mechanism Battery-powered motor, activated with infra-red sensor
Batteries (not included) 4 x 'AA' batteries
Guarantee 12 months from receipt