Dihl 12L Slimline White Sensor Bin

1.12 KGS
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Product Overview

Slimline 12 Litre Automatic Motion Sensor Waste Bin with Waterproof Lid - White

Introducing the 12-Litre Slimline Automatic Sensor Bin with Waterproof Lid – the pinnacle of modern convenience and cleanliness in waste management. This innovative kitchen essential combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design to revolutionise your daily routine.

This sensor bin boasts a slimline 15.4 cm wide compact design that effortlessly blends into any kitchen or office space. The slimline design allows for flexible placement options, whether it's tucked neatly against a wall, between bathroom laundry hampers, or in a corner. It's the perfect solution for smaller spaces. Its sleek and contemporary appearance complements any decor, making it a stylish addition to your environment

No need to worry about spills or splashes affecting the functionality of your sensor bin. The waterproof lid is designed to withstand moisture, ensuring the sensor remains functional even in humid or wet conditions, making it perfect for Bathrooms.

The built-in sensor technology ensures a truly touchless experience. As you approach the bin, its infrared sensor detects your presence, effortlessly opening the lid with a wave of your hand. This hygienic feature eliminates the need to touch the bin, reducing the spread of germs and keeping your hands clean.

Capacity; 12 Litres
Colour; White
Features; Waterproof Lid, Odour Seal, Bag Retainer
Dimensions; 30.5cm (h) x 27.5cm (w) x 15.4cm (d) - 40.5cm with lid fully open
Batteries Required; 2x AAs (not included)